Top 10 Richest youtuber in Assam with their Subscribers, Income & Channels

Dimpu YouTube earning

Nowadays YouTube is becoming very popular in Assam. So, we have collected Top 10 Assamese Youtuber's name and their earnings based on recent popularity and this is our own statistics. Earning data is collected with the help of the Socialblade website.
Top 10 Youtubers in Assam

10 Top Assamese Richest youtuber in assam

SL. NO NAME Subscribers Estimated Monthly Earnings
1 Dimpu Baruah 1.23M $4K - $50K
2 Dimpu's vlogs 1.62M $3K - $48.4K
3 Voice Assam 1.59M $6K - $96.4K
4 Assamese Mixture 687K $270 - $4.3K
5 I LOVE TRAVEL AND FOOD 652K $6k - $50k
6 Sunny Golden 602K $282 - $4.5K
7 Heavy Budget 450K $99 - $1.6K
8 Ola crazy 269K $287 - $4.6K
9 Digital Sahay 642K $828 - $13.2K
10 Purbanchal 274K $150 - $2K

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