Bikash Chetry Biography, Age, Career, Net worth, Bikash Chetry family

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Bikash Chetry is a well-known YouTuber from Assam. A middle-class boy starts his career on YouTube in 2018. Gradually he became known by the name of his YouTube channel as "I Love Travel & Food". Now Bikash Chetry has two YouTube channels.

  1. I love travel and food
  2. Bikash Factory
The Tag line of his video is Next Level
Intro - Hi Hello Namaskar welcome back to my youtube channel.

Bikash Chetry Biography, Age, Career, Net worth, Bikash Chetry family

Family Details of Bikash Chetry
Name Bikash Chetry
Father Name Dilip Chetry
Mother Name Bina Chetry
Brother Name Akash Chetry
Bikash Chetry Age, Height, Weight, Net worth
Bikash Chetry Age 27 years as on 2021
Bikash Chetry Height Yet to Know
Bikash Chetry Weight Yet to Know
Bikash Chetry Net worth Yet to Know

Early life and Education of Bikash Chetry

  • Primary education starts at Rupnagar M. E. School later he shifted to his maternal uncle's place in North Guwahati and took admission at Mandakat High School from there he passed HSLC i.e. Class 10 exam from Mandakata High School, he passed the HSLC exam in Second division.
  • Then he took admission at Bejera higher secondary school where he passed Higher Secondary Exam
  • After that Bikash Chetry came back to Guwahati and took admission at S.B. Deora college for graduation but was not able to complete his B.A degree because of some issue.
  • When he pursuing a BA degree he took admission to ITI and completes a course
  • Early Career of Bikash Chetry before Starting YouTube.
  • As a normal person, Bikash Chetry also starts working for met his expenses. After completing his study he starts working in a company as an event manager. After doing event management for some years, he left this job and shifted to another company as an assistant manager.

Let’s Know about Bikash Chetry YouTube Channels.

Bikash chetry has two YouTube channel

1. I love travel and food

  • Subscriber count till 2021 (25/08/2021) – 624K
  • The first video on 19 April 2018

2. Bikash Factory

  • Subscriber count till 2021 – 163K
  • First video upload in this channel on 13th Feb 2020
  • Here he uploads videos of various Food challenge video

Bikash Chetry Car and Bikes

Bikash Chetry Car and Bikes
ALTO (IMAGE: marutisuzuki)

Bikash Chetry Car and Bikes
Bikash Chetry
Bikash Chetry with BASANTI 2.0

Bikash Chetry Instagram

Bikash Chetry Instagram Post

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